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Family Resources Oriented Toward Advancing a Culture of Life


Whole Family            “A wealth of resources geared toward deepening a family's love and knowledge of their faith and thus hopes to impact today's society”  “An online resource for teachers, catechists, and parents to help children grow in our Catholic Faith! You'll find FREE PDF downloads, teacher advice, recommendations, and more!”            Focus on the Family            Reviews of movies            Reviews of TV shows


Especially for Parents            Helps parents be the primary religious educators of their children            Designed for parents of young children            Special focus on fathers            Special focus on mothers            Women’s issues            Women’s issues, human sexuality           


Younger kids            Aims to help young children understand issues of their faith            A fun, interactive site for kids, from Focus on the Family


Older kids (Teens and pre-teens)            Committed to offering the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia to America's youth through music and ministry            Stand True, like Rock For Life, will stand for all human life without exception and will remain uncompromising in our stance”            Blunt, honest, and uplifting dialog about love and romance               International initiative of young people working in cooperation with clergy, religious and older lay people, founded above all on adoration of the Eucharist, active evangelization, and the organization of retreats and spiritual events throughout Europe and other parts of the world.  Y2000’s online magazine


Young adults/College age and beyond            News, music, safe chat rooms            Association of Students at Catholic Colleges            Fellowship Of Catholic University Students            Blunt, honest, and uplifting dialog about love and romance


All adults


Newspapers/Magazines (online and through the mail)            National Catholic Register            Our Sunday Visitor            Envoy Magazine            Catholic Online: News from around the world            Catholic Answers: Apologetics, learning material, newsletters, This Rock magazine, etc.            Celebrate Life! America's premier pro-life magazine


The Vatican            News, radio programs, extensive Vatican Library           


Readings on Life Issues  The Gospel of Life An Encyclical by John Paul II            Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics


Links for Life Issues            Comprehensive site for facts about abortion            The Couple to Couple League for Natural Family Planning            Website of the American Catholic Bishops            Detailed list of pro-life links            Illinois Federation of Right to Life            Priests for Life provides assistance to priests and to everyone who is interested in advancing the cause of the protection of human life. You will also find information on euthanasia, and on related topics such as capital punishment and contraception.


Online Video/Audio            World-wide radio and television, online in English (and additionally in Spanish)            Online version of Relevant Radio (820 AM in Chicago; 930AM in Joliet; 1550 AM in Lake Geneva; 1270 AM in NW Indiana)            Ave Maria Radio, available online and selected stations across the country